“Cuz back in school, We are the leaders of all…” – Deftones

So after some feedback and some requests asking for a college edition and a more casual look, I’ve decided to dress the blog down for this post! College is one of those places where you can stand out or blend in among the masses of hoodies and sweatpants. Now as you know, I’m the shirt … Continue reading

“You’ve either got or you haven’t got style. (If you got it, you stand out a mile.)” – Frank Sinatra

Due to my unhealthy obsession with GQ, both on Facebook and their online site, I have recently came across a blog post that intrigued me. To blatantly lift from the article, it described this new start-up website/company that mixes web and blog content It’s an interesting new way for guys to shop online. The layout is divided into … Continue reading

“What we have here is a failure to communicate!” Guns’n’Roses.

Hey, I’m Dave and I will be your host for this evening. Do you like letters? Words?? Sentences??? THEN THIS COULD BE THE BLOG FOR YOU!!!!!!!! I decided to set up this blog to pass comment on and spread information that I have gathered over the years on topics as varied and diverse as male … Continue reading