“It’s a nice day to start again, Come on it’s a nice day for a white wedding” – Billy Idol


Hey guys, so a good friend of mine recently asked me to write a piece for her site. She produces a lot of wedding accessories such as handmade bouquets, headpieces and brooches. All female orientated of course, but recently she has branched out into bow-ties which I’ve had the pleasure of modelling. (Don’t worry I will be doing another piece about the photo-shoot, along with the awesome pictures)

So her request involved writing a piece about Men’s fashion for a wedding, particularly about a Groom’s fashion but avoiding the traditional look. Look, marriage is a tradition but unfortunately some elements of this joyous occasion still remain, such as the god awful satin waistcoat thing that appears in every suit rental store.

While I enjoy an excuse to suit up as much as the next fashionable gent, lets leave these outdated fashion mistakes in the past. The truth is, these days people are stepping outside of the social norms. Nowadays ,it’s not uncommon to see the groom in sneakers or converse shoes, vintage themed weddings and or just a more stylish simple suit rather than the classic tail-coat and satin waistcoat.

So to give ye some ideas on what to wear if you want an alternative (AKA less stuffy) wedding, or just ways to spice up your suit if you’re a guest, I’ve listed a few ways to shake up the big day stylishly.

First up is the idea of vintage weddings. I love this style of wedding! right up my street in terms of clothing choices. Think bow ties, suspenders waistcoats, boardwalk empire fashion!

Next up is the classic simple suit. Renting a tuxedo can be expensive these days and as such, with couples looking to keep the cost down, many are choosing to pick up or use a suit. However, given its your big day you want to look like you’re getting married as opposed to heading to the office on a Monday morning so there are a few ways to spruce up a suit.
Of course you have the reliable bow tie but you also have the likes of cravats, pocket squares, lapel pins and tie bars!

And then, of course you have the choice of different styles of jackets such as double-breasted.
You also have all the colour spectrum to play with so why not go all out and chance a nice off-white jacket  or, if you’re keeping your suit neutral, spice it up with a loud shirt.
These four guys hit the nail on the head on the different iterations of how you can spice up a good wedding suit.

Anyway, that’s all from me for the moment! I’ll be back soon and do be sure to keep an eye out for my write-up of my very first modeling gig for Magpie and Moon modeling some fantastic homemade bow-ties!


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