“Cuz back in school, We are the leaders of all…” – Deftones


So after some feedback and some requests asking for a college edition and a more casual look, I’ve decided to dress the blog down for this post!

College is one of those places where you can stand out or blend in among the masses of hoodies and sweatpants. Now as you know, I’m the shirt and tie kind of guy but that’s just a bit too smart for college, especially if your falling out of bed late and rushing to that 9AM class  so lets get into some ways your can stand out on campus.

First up, you can ditch the suited look (as much as it pains me to say that!). However there is a way to class up an outfit and that’s with a good peacoat. This single piece of outerwear can transform any outfit- simple tshirt and jeans combo? throw on a peacoat! cold outside on your way to the office? throw on a peacoat! you get the story !! This jacket will smarten up your look while keeping you warm and dry in the cold wet windy morning walk to college.

Next up is the wave of graphic t-shirts; lose them, anything bought on Threadless, Qwertee etc. These are fine lounging around in the house but you’ll fade into the background on campus.  Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with the classics but always remember the most important rule of looking good; fit is king!
Keep it simple stupid a plain tshirt with no logo will get you far.Try out a fitted white  v neck tee , dark slim jeans, good shoes or a boot.

For those who want something more colourful go for a tshirt with stripes as pictured below. Jacket options range from a denim jacket, leather jacket or peacoat.
Another good option is to swap out the tee for a henly shirt, which is a little more masculine and shows you’ve put some thought into your outfit.
For those who do want a smarter look without broaching into formal wear, utilize button ups shirts with an interesting design like gingham, bright colours and wear it under a good jumper. As Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s bastard show, unbutton your first few buttons for a great casual look.

Also, think of mixing up casual pieces with more formal pieces like a waistcoat, shirt/tee and either a leather or denim jacket.

Finally, For those of ye hoody lovers, why not swap it out for a shawl neck jumper or cardigan and stay just as warm and a bit more stylish.

And if you MUST wear a hoody, make sure its fitted to your body type and class it up a little with a blazer or leather jacket.

So that’s all folks! Hope I helped upgrade your college style and gave you some new ideas to try out on campus to catch the college hottie’s eye. Feel free to like the Facebook page to stay up to date with all the new stylish looks coming up and share it among your college buddies


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