“Summertime, And the livin’ is easy, Fish are jumpin’, And the cotton is high “- Nina Simone

Well we are well and truly in their midst of our annual five sunny days of summer here in Ireland so i thought what better way to appreciate it than sit out in my back garden soaking up the rays with a few beers and a new blog post about the glorious weather. Unsure what to do … Continue reading

If I ever found a pot of gold, I’d buy bottles untold of the nectar of the vines” – The Cat Empire

(Photo:http://tinyurl.com/kwq2tzy) Sorry about the delay but have been busy the last month or so!! To make it up to ye lovely people, I’ve decided to add a bumper post about some of the info I learned in my fancy pants wine course (which i passed with merit *brushes dirt of my shoulder*).  The next few … Continue reading