“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun… And I say it’s all right” – The Beatles

So I have finally returned after a bit of a hiatus for which I have to apologise for. I’ve spent the last few months completely focused on filling in forms and applying for a visa to Canada. Thankfully, it all worked out and I will be departing this Emerald Isle in the coming months. So, once again, sorry about the delays and to make it up to you I’ve decided to knuckle down and fill this post to the brim with some tips and inspiration.  
Now, Ireland isn’t known for its glorious summers. In fact, it’s known for its constant rain throughout the year, but the last couple of years we have experienced some fantastic summer weather for a period that extends beyond a week in June (Thanks to  Good Guy but really Bad Guy Global warming).The last week or so we’ve actually seen sunshine which as a nation, is embraced  passionately with people out soaking up the wind and the sun in equal measures. Given my optimistic side, I thought that I’d write up a style guide for those sunny days. 
First things first, I must address  the elephant in the room. Irish guys and shorts. We haven’t quite mastered the art of summer dressing and the idea of forking out hard cold cash for shorts is pretty low on our priority list given the aforementioned lack of summer. As such, we usually end up in big baggy, horrible looking shorts, swim-trunks acting as shorts or god forbid old pants cut into shorts. 
 However, I hope and pray that if I can get just one guy to ditch these eyesores for a more stylish alternative, I can retire happy. Anyway, lets move along people, and we layout some simple guidelines for a stylish summer. 
1. Remember K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid!)  
Sometimes the easiest way is the best option. No need to get all worked up. the age old summer look of sunglasses, shorts and either a t-shirt or shirt will tick all the boxes for those who want to keep it casual. lose the long baggy shorts and get something more fashionable and modern. The shorts should end just above the knee and should be fitted without being skin tight. another option is a lightweight pants like chino’s casually rolled up and paired with shirts or t-shirts. 
 See below for some style inspiration.

 summer 1
2. Suiting up for Summer. 
Basically, suiting up in the summer weather is going to make you look stuffy and sweaty. However, that’s not to say you cant incorporate some tailoring into your sunny outfit. Utilize some light linen or cotton blazers to beat the heat, pair your shirt and blazer with some shorts and don’t forget to add a splash of colour to stand out and emphasize the casual aspect of your outfit.

 summer blazer
3. Time to add some colour and prints into the wardrobe. 
The big thing at the moment is white trousers. Will it look good and make you stand out? yes but also can lead to some stains on your clothes you could normally get away with. (not that I condone that sort of thing so keep these bad boys pristine and if its going to be a messy night out or a music festival type affair, skip altogether) Another big thing is different prints (Gingham, checks and floral designs) as well as the classical nautical look and vibrant colours so for this step is for the more adventurous among ye. 

4. Rock the Polo! 
Summer is the best time to rock the classic preppy Polo shirt. Falling somewhere between a button down shirt and t-shirt, this simple piece can really elevate your outfit to the next level. Given its versatility, you can wear it with shorts, jeans, slacks, chinos, the list goes on. My tip is to pair it up with some nice chino’s and throw on a straw hat and a pair of shades. 

5.  Tank tops, The other elephant in the room. 
Pulling off a tank top is a tough line to walk but if you do choose to wear one remember these simple rules.  
Be somewhat in shape. No use wearing one if your arms are lanky, thin and look like spaghetti. 
Don’t wear those bodybuilder ones. You know the ones I’m talking about, the one with a deep neckline and the pec’s are showing. Save it for the gym buddy. 
keep it nice and understated. Nothing that screams “Douche on Spring Break”. Keep it a simple colour or design, not something with a tiger on the front. The guys below hit the nail on the head. 

tank top 

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