“Don’t let your standards fall, down with your hair…. Straighten your tie, tuck in your shirt” – The World Inferno Friendship Society


Hey guys, hope you had a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year. Maybe you’re looking at mixing up your style this year? Well you’ve come to the right place! I encourage you to break out of that prison that is your comfort zone and try something new this year. As the famous saying goes, “how do you eat an elephant? – In small bites”  and these small tips will help you start out on your new sartorial journey.

Tip one – Colour!

The dark and gloomy winter is (arguably) over and it’s time to inject a little colour into your outfits. Adding colour to your wardrobe helps make your clothes pop and stand out from the crowd.  Starting out, there are a number of ways to do this from jackets, chinos, bowties and pocket squares.

Pair a nice red or similar coloured blazer with dark chinos or a slim cut pair of dark jeans with a good pair of black dress shoes and an interesting pocket square.

I also saw an interesting style online recently of orange chinos and a denim/chambray shirt combo that I thought worked well. This look would work well with any coloured chinos but be sure to try something different from your normal outfits think burgundy, orange tan or even a dark green.

For those that prefer a more formal look, use bow ties or pocket squares to brighten up your suits.
272427_main 273911_main

Tip Two – Try different fabrics/patterns.

Another way to spice things up is to try different fabrics or patterns. Think polka dot scarfs/pocket squares or interesting waistcoats like JGL is sporting in this pic.

Another guy who has knocked it out of the park recently is David Gandy, wearing a stripped blue shirt, a spotted tie and a tan waistcoat.

make sure you get the fit right when buying the more tailored pieces.Basically what you want is one statement piece so if you get a patterned shirt, try keep the rest of your outfit neutral coloured. Take this shirt for example. I’d match it with a dark slim suit pants and waistcoat or braces with a nice dress shoe. Another option is a dark pair of jeans, boots and a leather jacket.

Tip Three – Use a  few  key pieces to create multiple outfits.

January is usually an awkward time when it comes to your style, all the shops have big sales but odds are you’re broke after Christmas. That’s why its important to buy smart or use what you have in your wardrobe already.

Check out this pic and think about it carefully, especially those who work in an environment where the dress code is business casual.


With just 8 pieces (not counting the cufflinks as they’re not essential), you can create a number of outfits. Two good pairs of work slacks in neutral colours, one pair of shoes, three different shirts, a blazer and a jumper. 95% of ye have these items in your wardrobe already but now ye know how to put them all together. Those who don’t have the items,  hit up the shops, a lot of high street shops will have this stuff for those on a budget.  The fun comes trying to combine pieces and seeing what works. For those not looking for work outfits, replace the button down shirt with  a nice plaid or gingham shirt or the slacks for a pair of jeans or chinos.

It’s important to remember that when you are shopping for clothes that you buy in terms of a full outfit, viewing the pieces in your basket in terms to what outfit you can make with what you have in your wardrobe. For those of ye having trouble visualizing complete outfits, check out the blogs Pinterest board. Try find a style you like and then figure out the small details that make the outfit work as a whole. Once you understand why an outfit works and what goes with what, you’re a step above everybody else.

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