“But when you’re gone I grow colder, Come to me again in The Cold Cold Night” – The White Stripes


With the arrival of Autumn, and Winter on it’s heels, it is important to upgrade your personal style to accommodate the rapidly changing weather that comes with it. There are a few choice investments that can help take the chill out of the weather which every male should include in their wardrobe. The first option is heavier fabrics – think wool suits, flannel shirts or denim/leather jackets. It goes without saying that these type of items are an easy way to make sure that your personal style is on point while keeping your body temperature from dropping. The most important point when dressing for these colder months is to layer up. Layering clothes can be tricky at first but there is a simple rule, start with the lighter fabrics and work out with heavier fabrics. For example, you might start out with your standard cotton t-shirt, then the next layer would be a denim jacket, a cardigan or jumper followed up with an overcoat or suit jacket.Try not to go too heavy or thick with these layers as the over coat should still be fitted to your build and the layers underneath should keep in the heat. The pictures below should be a good place to aim for- multiple layers but still quite slimming and fitted.


Layering is an important tool when it comes to Men’s style. The aim is not to look too bulky and if you get too warm indoors, it’s easy just to remove the necessary layers. That’s why it is important to think carefully about your choices. Your outfit must still work after each layer is removed, it is no good just to pick random items and throw them all together. If you do go down that route, you will end up in a club wearing three layers of clothes because of the dirty jumper you threw on under your lovely clean jacket or blazer. Your pants should also be of a more rigid fabric, think heavier denim, corduroy or chinos.



Finally, we come to footwear and there’s really only one type of shoe for the wet world of Winter and that’s a good boot with a thick sole. Think Doc Martin’s, a good motorcycle boot and for the more dressier people out there, you can get away with an ankle boot like the Chelsea boot but my personal preference is something chunky. It looks great with a good pair of jeans and stands out from the mindless masses when paired with a good neutral coloured suit.


Finally, I have created a quick picture of six essential Autumn/Winter clothes to store in your wardrobe. These items work well on their own so they can be used throughout the year to create some great outfits.

That’s all for the moment! Wrap up and avoid those colds. As always, share the love with your friends and send em my way when they ask how you’ve become the handsome stylish devil you’ve become


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